Not even a fan

By Jasmine Watts


I’m not a fan but of course I’ve heard of the Beatles, Abbey Road, and now I officially know everything about them! Today we went on the Beatles walking tour. I saw where members got married, recorded their songs, opened a clothing store, and recorded a few movie scenes. I’m much more interested now in the life and music of the Beatles than I ever was before.

Our tour guide was excellent. He was energetic & very knowledgeable. One of the stories he told about John Lennon was really interesting. I didn’t know that president Nixon had it out for him. When he moved to America, he had a booth at his concert registering young people to vote. John was very into politics and was a democrat. Nixon didn’t like this at all and did everything in his power to get John deported. After years of fighting he finally got his green card. I think it’s cool when people in the limelight are involved in greater causes. John’s good deed, attempting to get young people registered to vote strangely caused a ruckus and personal issues he had to fight to stay in the U.S. I think that this still goes on today when corrupt people of power try to drive away any one against them. Thanks to the media, Nixon was the one driven away by exposing his watergate operation. Looks like John Lennon was on the right side.

The London home of John Lennon.

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