Took A Stroll Down Abbey Road…And Almost Got Hit By A Bus

By Mia Wallace

June 1, 2016

DSC_0195Attempting the legendary Beatles cover on Abbey Road is not for the faint of heart. You need guts and some buns of steel because those who commute to work and drive through the infamous Abbey Road crosswalk every day have zero tolerance and patience for us touristy folk just wanting our chance to recreate a scene from history. Did I get the picture? No. Because my fear and lack of ballsiness means I almost got hit by a bus and possibly sent to the hospital. Was it worth it? Kinda. I mean how many people do I know can say they walked across Abbey Road (and survived to tell the tale) in the footsteps of the one of the most famous rock bands ever to live.IMG_4274Looking at the Abbey Road Studios, you would never guess that so many famous people have walked in and out, recorded songs inside that continue to change lives and created music that’s impacted pop-culture and modern society in such a pivotal way. Would I know that the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix recorded some of their most famous songs in that white, plain house? Absolutely not. But they did and it only seems to make Abbey Road more fascinating and amazing. I always wonder what big rock band, pop group or rapper will leave the same impact that The Beatles have left on the world. Who will have a group of 20 students walking around London to take pictures of buildings that they lived in, got married in or filmed a music video in? Probably Kanye but let’s cross our fingers for Rihanna.

House where John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Jimi Hendrix all lived together

To learn more about Abbey Road Studios, click here!

3 thoughts on “Took A Stroll Down Abbey Road…And Almost Got Hit By A Bus

  1. Nice pic on the street – do not see ant locals sneering or buses looking to take you out – must have been a quick moment based on your description – was just listening to Abbey Road last weekend 🙂 which by the way was the *last* thing the Beatles ever recorded together as a group. How’s that for going out on top, with a bang, and in style? Dark Side of the Moon recorded at Abbey Road studios – yeah!

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