We all live in a yellow submarine

By Morgan Lauer



Today was a day that I have been excited for since months before the trip began. The Beatles walking tour and seeing Abbey Road. I’ve been a fan of the Beatles since I was little, starting because of my mom. She always used to play their songs for my brother and I; I specifically remember listening to “Yellow Submarine” frequently, and then in elementary and middle school, my music teacher would play Beatles songs for us and we often sang the songs for concerts as well.

During the tour we saw a number of places around London that were significant to the Beatles. We saw where Paul and Ringo got married, where they lived and wrote some of their songs, where they shot some of their music videos and took album cover pictures, and of course Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios.

I remember acting out the Beatles Abbey Road scene when I was younger with some friends, and it felt really cool to actually be there acting it out on the real Abbey Road.

The famous Abbey Road cross walk

As I sit here and listen to the Beatles it is incredible to think how a small rock band from Liverpool became such an icon around the world, and had so much influence on music that they are still widely known and listened to today. It is apparent through numerous song covers that musicians around the world are inspired by the Beatles’ musical innovations and success.

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