“All these places have their moments”

By Camille Douglas

June 1, 2016

When I was little, my dad would cradle me in his arms and dance around our living room to the beat of “Eight Days a Week.” As I grew older and learned how to stand on my own two feet, his solo dance would become a duet and our song. Many family movie nights consisted of watching “A Hard Day’s Night,” or “Help!” laughing over the ridiculous humor of the band members. My brother and I spent many summer late nights concealed in the basement playing the Beatles Rock Band, pretending that we were a part of the band. When spring cleaning came around, to make doing chores a little more fun, our family blasted out Beatles albums like 1 or Let it Be. We would rock out to the beat as we swept the kitchen floor or dusted the furniture.  My family members argue over which radio station to listen to during car rides almost every time we have to go somewhere. But if a Beatles song would come on while flipping through the channels, we have to stop on the channel and finish out the whole song, singing out loudly to the John or Paul, before starting the bickering again.

It’s obvious that I am a huge fan of The Beatles, having been raised by parents who loved them just as much, if not more. The band has meant a lot to both my family and myself. So when we had been scheduled to take the Beatles Walking Tour this morning, I was over-the-moon with excitement.  Richard, our tour guide, led us to some of the most significant areas around London that The Beatles have been associated with. We stood in Marylebone Station where the first few scenes of the bands, “A Hard Day’s Night,” was filmed. We walked across Abbey Road.

Front of Marylebone Station.

We took pictures outside of Ringo’s, then John’s, then Jimi Hendricks’s, then back to John’s home.

Ringo Star’s/ John Lennon’s/ Jimi Hendrick’s previous house. 

We stood outside Abbey Road studios, and we walked across Abbey Road.


Taking pictures of Abbey Road was more difficult than I expected it to be as the road is very busy. I took over 60 photos of the group walking across, but like this one, many didn’t turn out too well. It was still very fun anyways!

The Beatles themselves are very much so prominent in the media today, even though they have been broken up for 40+ years. Their music can be heard in advertising commercials, films, TV shows. Richard even said that Abbey Road Studios has been used to They are played constantly all over radio stations. Their songs, stories themselves, add to the stories of others, helping them convey meanings and messages. Even their studio is still producing successful content as Richard said that Abbey Road Studios has been used to create and develop the music for Harry Potter and record other upcoming musicians. It’s no doubt that they have left a lasting legacy.

Though the weather may have not been ideal, the Beatles Walking Tour was amazing. Throughout the tour, I couldn’t help but think that my family would love to be here. Especially my dad and brother… they are even bigger Beatles fans than I am. I wish my family was here to see this with me. I wish that I would be taking a picture with them crossing Abbey Road. I guess this all just means that I have to come back to London and Abbey Road one day, and I don’t mind that at all.

Abbey Road

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