All You Need Is Music

1 June, 2016

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: Hey Jude // The Beatles

Music is the universal language of the world. It connects people and sometimes even defines people. It is happy. It is sad. It is love. It is anger. It is so much more than words can ever explain. There is just something so incredibly moving about music that is indescribable. That being said, today we took part in a walking tour visiting many London landmarks where The Beatles either lived or performed.

The Beatles were revolutionary in their artistry and to this day there truly has not been anyone else like them. We visited the apartment owned by Ringo Starr, who then sublet to a plethora of his famous friends, such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Former apartment of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, London, England // 1 June 2016

The last few days of our trip have been focused around music and London. It has been absolutely incredible to see the amount of music history that exists in this city. The amount of talent that have walked through these streets, who have felt the electricity coursing through the city is astounding. Music is something that I find extremely important and to be able to experience the music history that London has to offer has been life altering.

We were able to visit the iconic Abbey Road and see outside of Abbey Road Studios. Unfortunately, since it technically still is a working recording studio, we were unable to go inside. We did, however, get to try and recreate our own historic Abbey Road crosswalk photo.




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