Today, I finally had enough energy and power to get out of my bed, due to sickness, and I was extremely happy about leaving my room. But, when I woke up to the pouring rain outside, I almost immediately just stayed in my apartment. With that being said, we had a great opportunity to listen to a guest speaker for class today.  The man’s name was Dan Wheatley, a history professor. His message, or lecture I should say, hit on the topic of Multiculturalism. He began to give us background information about poems, stories, and facts about people of different heritage. He talked about how London is becoming the “Capital of the World”. Because of the amount people that have came to London from different backgrounds. IMG_1437This is like America. People come to America to seek a better future for them and their families, and thats how London is today. We got on the topic of how London was predominately a “christian” based city, who only practiced very little other religions, but over time, due to recent refugees and migrants floating there way to the UK, London has shaped into a city that has a vast majority of religious practices. To me, I think people like that they can practice their religious freedom here and thats what helps bring equality and happiness to this lovely city.


After the lecture from Dan, a few of us went to the British Museum. IMG_1435The museum was ginormous, and there was so many things to look at and read about. My favorite part of the museum was the section on Greek Mythology. It always intrigues me learning and discovering new things about our past. Although we didn’t have a lot of time to go through every section, the time we did have was still valuable and I was able to see what the British Museum had to offer.

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