Okay ladies, now let’s get in (Beatles) formation

Reagan Villet 6/1/16

As a young girl, one of my favorite things to do was help my grandpa organize and alphabetize his vast collection of records; we would listen to music and he would teach me about all of the artists that he grew up with. One of the albums I distinctly remember listening to was The Beatles “Yellow Submarine“, and specifically the song of the same title. Today, we were fortunate enough to go on a walking tour of the Beatles’ journeys in London, including places of residence, a wedding venue for both Paul and Ringo (as well as our Beatles-loving tour guide!), and Abbey Road Studios.

Former residence of Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix (6/1/16)
Plaque dedicated in memory of John Lennon, commissioned by his wife, Yoko (6/1/16)

In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, I learned that The Beatles “road to success” was paved out by the “10,000 hours rule“, a theory that states that after 10,000 of practicing something (in The Beatles case, their music), you become an expert at it. Because of their early years as a band in playing practically every night in Liverpool and Germany, they  had well over 10,000 hours of practice, and were eventually discovered because of their immense talent. Eventually, they had to move to London, which was the music capital of Europe at the time. We got to see the studio they recorded at, Abbey Road, and the Abbey Road crossing itself, where the famous album cover was taken.

Our tour guide holding the original photo of the Abbey Road album, in front of Abbey Road (6/1/16)
Entrance to the Abbey Road Shop, where many visitors sign the wall (6/1/16)

The tour showed us many different sides of The Beatles’ careers that I did not know about before; for instance, their store, Apple. The Beatles’ had a clothing store for a short amount of time, but it was pretty poorly run and often a haven for shoplifters. On the final day of the store being opened before it went out of business, the doors were opened to the public, and everything was given away for free (someone even took the chair used by the cashier).

Our tour guide holding  a picture of the Beatles’ Apple store, which is now a Marsh & Parsons (6/1/16)

I was overall really impressed by the tour, because we were able to see a side of The Beatles that wasn’t told in media as often. Music is such a big part of the London culture, and I have been very fortunate to see this over the past few days here. I really appreciate how musical legends are treated here, both in life and death.

*Sidenote* it was very hard to get a picture on Abbey Road, because unbeknownst to all of us, it is actually a fairly busy street, and buses do not care that you are trying to take a memorable touristy photo, they are not scared to run you over. With that being said, we tried to take a fairly good re-creation, and I even walked across the wet, muddy ground with my bare feet to honor Sir Paul!


One thought on “Okay ladies, now let’s get in (Beatles) formation

  1. loved the picture, and comments about your papa….
    nice to see a band of smart , fun loving women, putting their
    lives in danger to impress us all back at home.

    xooxox nana


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