Characters and Caricatures

By Emma Fleming

We had a free weekend this past weekend so a few of my friends and I went to Amsterdam. When I say this city is breathtaking, I mean it. It could not have been more different that I expected. The canals that connected the city and quaint feeling was beyond my expectations. If you would like to see more pictures about this underrated city click here.

Now, back to reality (but not really because we are studying in LONDON). We had two speakers today, one being a political cartoonist and one was an expert story teller. What I found interesting about both was that they had to convey a message to all types of people- ages 2 to 82.

The political cartoonist was a man of very strong opinions. Now, I don’t blame him for having these opinions because his job is to pretty much rip apart politicians but try and make it funny and to me, this seems like quite the task. He shows how different politicians are basically messing up or not being very smart and making fun of them.

 After that presentation, we had a second one, which like I said before was an expert story teller. Not only did she capture mine and 20 other 20 year old’s attention for an hour and a half, she made time fly by by interaction with us and actually making us participate. I was able to relate her advice for storytelling into my major and future profession. In order to really convey your message, you need to see ideas from all aspects and pack stories (or advertisements) with details.


After the speakers, we decided to head to the London Eye because it was beyond gorgeous out. We were able to see everything- Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the River Thames. Such a great experience and definitely worth the money!


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