Cool Strangers

Anotha day anotha…trip to the Accent headquarters to listen to some guest speakers.  Today we took the underground back over to Accent where we met 2 interesting people. The first person was a man named Martin Rosen, a political cartoonist.  He explained to us what he does for a living and everything that comes along with it.  He draws cartoons of political figures in really funny situations, usually with their faces and bodies distorted or modified to fit the overall picture.  The man was really interesting and very blunt.  He was swearing the whole time and making jokes about borderline inappropriate things but we are all adults and thought it was really funny.  His drawings were very interesting.  He drew images of England’s Prime Minister in disturbing situations, he had some really funny cartoons of American’s too he showed including the Prime Minister literally kissing Obama’s ass, and ridiculous representations of none other than Donald Trump.  The man receives death threats over some of his materials but he handles the negative reactions very well and brushes them off.

The second person we were able to meet today was a woman named Trish who labels herself as an expert story teller.  She was pretty interesting to listen to and she made us do a lot of hands on activities to get us involved.  We had to make up our own stories and keep them going just from our own imaginations, on the spot.  It was pretty fun and it was interesting to see what everyone could come up with. The woman really did make us explore our imaginations and think broader. It was a really cool experience and a great day overall.


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