Eye love you London!!

Alexandria Hughes

June 6, 2016

Today was a beautiful day in London, it was 75 and sunny! Although we spent the morning and afternoon inside we were able to enjoy our evening outside. We had two guest speakers set up at Accent, one was a political cartoonist, Martin Rowson and the other was a expert storyteller Trish Chiltern. Both were completly different in their own sort of way. We started out with a lecture by Mr. Rowson, overall his message was that laughing is apart of life. We laugh at death, happiness and everything in between. Most of his work is used to joke about the horrors of reality, specificly politics. He does so by shape shifting, turning things into anything the cartoonist wants to showcase. This happens in  many areas of journalism; however, in particular he uses cartoons to turn serious politicians into a visual satire. Overall, this is quite similar to how media is distorted, advertisers manipulate products to get a point across, as do cartoonist.

Our second guest speaker was much different than our first. Storyteller Trish Chiltern took a different approach on talking to our group. She took a hands on approach to explaining the importance of being vulnerable and expressing yourself through story telling. As a whole we gathered our hopes of what we wanted to take out of the exercises and by the end we achieved them all. I enjoyed this activity because we were able to see everyone participate, work well as a group and I believe all of us left with a broader imagination.

In the afternoon, a couple friends and I went to the London Eye. This was something I have been waiting to do since we got to London. This 135 meter high ferris wheel was for sure worth the wait. At the top of the wheel you could look down and see Big Ben, the City of Minister, St. Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London and many other attractions.

10 things you didnt know about the London Eye

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