Eye See You London

Eye See You London

By Sarah Staelgraeve

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were blog-less days filled with adventure, excitement and lots of travel. A handful of us bought train tickets and were Netherlands bound early Friday. The media (at least what I have seen) does not depict Amsterdam to be as beautiful and quaint as it really is. Traveling through the little canals and roaming around the town in 80 degree picture perfect weather left me feeling 48 hours was just not enough. If this short paragraph wasn’t enough for you, click here

Monday meant back to reality (oh reality- living abroad and exploring the UK for the summer, how hard!). We did have to go to two classroom speakers today, which is rare. The first speaker, Martin Rowson, was a cartoonist and to be quite honest, I couldn’t make a relation between mass media and cartoon drawing. I quickly learned that they have a large connection and can cause dramatic stirs. Cartoons on politics are especially powerful. I can’t really think of something that is portrayed more in the media than politics, it’s everywhere. The cartoonist that came and spoke to us told us how he has received death threats and came close to producing a cartoon that would have forced him to have gone in hiding. It is wild to me that cartoons about politics can cause such a commotion in the media.

Our second speaker, Trish Chiltern, walked in and made a big impression. She was a story teller and she really made us stretch out our imaginations for the remainder of the classroom time. We stood up, did funny dances, completed activities where the room filled with laughter, and realized that story telling is related to everything (like mass media!).

By late afternoon, we were free and decided to end our day visiting an iconic part of London: the London Eye. It is basically a big Ferris wheel with rooms that are shaped like an eye instead of two person seats. It’s been a much anticipated destination considering we wanted to do it last Saturday, but the long lines would have taken us hours. On this fine Monday in England, with the sun shining high in the sky, we breezed right through the line and hopped on the Eye. The view was definitely worth the wait, money and anticipation. London, we missed ya!


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