Laughing Stock

I really enjoyed our guest speaker today. Martin Rowson, was a cartoonists for The Guardian . The realness that he brought to our class was very eye-opening and hilarious at the same time. He explained to us that while using a pen, it opens up a whole world for your imagination to flow out and put it on paper. I thought it was funny that he said that we are only good at “jumping, joking, and genocide.”

Drawing by Martin Rowson

I loved Martin’s sense of humor towards life, although there are problems in the world, he seemed to always find a way to make a gag, or joke about the situation at hand. To me, that made me think about myself, listening to what Martin had to say, because we have such similar personalities and outlooks on life, so his messages really hit home for me. It intrigued me when Martin began to explain his purpose of writing, and drawing these cartoons, it was to gain control over someone.

Martin Rowson 16.06.14
Drawing by Martin Rowson

He explained that he appreciated his own work, and that if he made someone upset, then that was a solid day of work. Since he enjoyed making a gag out of politicians, he loved the fact that making certain cartoons would manipulate a person’s views, ideas, and perception at a particular person. He began to explain how he never understood how people would get so distraught over the cartoons, when people have been drawing and using their personal mind to express their opinions for over 300 years now. This was one my favorite guest speakers so far, and I hope to follow Martin and his works, because I curious to see how he continues his work on our current politicians in America.

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