Paris is always a good idea (even if it’s flooding)

Paris is always a good idea (even if it’s flooding)

By Colleen Ferguson
June 6, 2016

1910. This was the year of the Great Flood of Paris where the Seine River flooded the subways, homes and streets of Paris. It has been 106 years since this flood occurred and naturally, the first time I decide to go to Paris the water levels in the Seine have approached the heights from 1910.


Don’t worry, we did not let this stop us from enjoying Paris in our 48 hours. Although, we could not see the Louvre or go on a river cruise we still were able to immerse ourselves into the French culture for two (short) days.

Now that our quick vacation away from London (wow that sounds uppity) has come to a close, I have been thinking even more about the flooding in Paris. While in London I have seen a rather large amount of publicity surrounding the unfolding events in France, I have heard the opposite from the news stations back in the United States.

I brought up the flooding to my mom just before leaving for the Eurostar and she had no clue what I was talking about. She said she hasn’t heard a think about the rising levels of the Seine on any channel she was watching (disclaimer: she watches CNN and NBC only). But shouldn’t this have been a headline in the news? After all, four people have died and 24 have been injured.

It seems like this is a common theme differentiating the UK and USA, since the United States is such a pivotal part of our very global world, stories about them are more likely to be broadcasted. While Europe is also obviously a major powerhouse in the world, some of the issues that surround their news serve little to no interest to the average American. My hope is that the lines between borders will blur, showing that everyone should have an understanding of the unfolding events in the different parts of the world.

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