Sunny days in London

By Morgan Lauer

June 6, 2016

This weekend we had three days off, so I used my time to explore more of London, and visit with a friend whom I grew up with and now lives here in the city. It was awesome to see him and to be shown around by a local. He showed us some cool places to shop, eat, and to just walk around or hangout. It was very nice to reconnect with him and have a relaxing weekend.

First Nandos experience with Darrien and Jacob -my friend from home!

Today we had two presenters at our ACCENT classroom; a

Drawing by Martin Rowson

political cartoonist and a professional storyteller. Our first presenter was Martin Rowson, the political cartoonist. He had very strong opinions and it was interesting to hear his point of view on some topics. Most of his work was raunchy and potentially quite offensive to some. He mentioned that he has gotten multiple death threats and hate mail as reactions to some of his cartoons, but he talked about it in such a light hearted manner and seemed to be unaffected by it. It must have been difficult at first to deal with the hostility, but with a job like his that is so powerful in the media, you have to train yourself to deal with such opposition. Being an advertising major, I will most likely have to deal with similar situations in the future.


Because it was such a beautiful day today, after being in the classroom for a few hours, some of us went to Russell Square Park to lie in the sun for a while. It was a very peaceful afternoon.


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