The Bee Toes

Is Paul McCartney Jesse McCartney’s dad???¿
June 1, 2016

Today we went on a walking tour through Beatles history. While I’ve never been a fan of the Beatles, today was super interesting to see just how important they are to British history.

This reminds me of the weird Dan and Phil pose picture lol. Source

We were led by a very animated tour guide, Richard. At first, everything he said sounded rehearsed, but I soon realized that he just really knew his facts about the Beatles and has been doing this tour for many, many years.

We started the tour at Marylebone Station in central London. This was the site of the intro scene to the Beatles’ first film. We saw quite a few other spots that were used in this same film throughout the tour. It was incredible just how little these places have changed over the years. For some spots, the only way anyone could tell a difference between the photo and the current location was by looking at the cars on the road.

stay fierce 😜 Source

Our tour guide taught us quite a bit about the Beatles’ personal histories through taking us back to the different places they lived and visited back in their prime. I learned a lot about the Beatles’ lives that I didn’t know, and it was really cool seeing the places that some of their hits were born.

The tour ended at none other than Abbey Road Studios. I was extremely surprised by how busy of a street Abbey Road is, considering there are so many tourists that take pictures at the zebra crossing that Abbey Road Studios had a livestream installed to show all of the tourists taking pictures. We tried to get a picture at the crosswalk, but it didn’t turn out too well due to the rain. So here’s a better one that I’ve photoshopped a pepe onto.


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