Where do you draw the line?


By Jasmine Watts


We just had our three day weekend to explore and travel. I went to Paris with 7 of the girls. I was terrified to go through the underwater tunnel of the train and I speak no French at all. But overall the trip was inexpensive & a really good time.

A dream come true, being in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We returned to London and went to ACCENT today for two lectures. Boring, right? But these were not typical lectures at all. Usually guest speakers have good intentions, but bore you to death. This was certainly not the case with our guests.

Martin Rowson is a political cartoonist and speaks his mind on and off paper. He calls himself a visual journalist because his pictures can tell a story just as well as an article can. Though Martin really had a carefree attitude about most things (even about getting death threats), one thing that I uncovered about him was his ability to stand by his morals. The world of journalism could be pretty cut throat. People get upset if you reveal certain truths. One thing that Martin said that was very important to me is that he makes his cartoons about what people are, not who they are. This is important because it shows that there is a line that has to be drawn that Martin stands by. He’s done some pretty offensive cartoons, but he does have a conscience. He doesn’t make fun of people’s gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference because that’s who they are. But “what” they are can change such as profession or religion. These are the things he does make fun of. I feel that it is important for all journalist to know where to draw the line.

Fortunately in America and Britain there is great freedom of speech where political cartoons like these can be printed. However in places like Israel, you couldn’t dare criticize the government. Having this freedom of speech is amazing, but there still is a scale of ethics that all journalists should draw for themselves.

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