You Say Goodbye I Say Hello

Emily Morrow

June 1, 2016

The OG boy band, the men, the myths, the legends, the BEETLES. It’s actually pretty upsetting that I wasn’t born in an earlier century so that I could drool over them in their prime.  But we had the chance to relive their amazing years by going on a walking tour with a very odd man but an interesting man who knew everything you want to know about the Beetles. He guided us through iconic places the band has been throughout the city.  We started at the Marylebone Underground Station where the Beetles filmed a music video and he showed us things from the video that still are in the station today.  We then went to old residencies of the band members like Paul McCartney and learned that another rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, also used to live there.  The man continued to explain to us some cool facts about the legends and I couldn’t help but think that my mom would have really enjoyed this tour.  We finally got to the end of the tour at the one and only Abbey Road Studios.

The studios were located in a cute little white building that wasn’t too fancy just the way it was when the band did all of it’s recording.  We weren’t actually allowed to go inside of the studios since it is still used today, but we did get to reenact the classic stroll across the Abbey Road crosswalk, just like the band did on one of their album covers.  The day was overall awesome and something I’ll never forget.  I find it amazing that a band can impact the world so much.  People around the world go crazy about the Beetles to this day. London seems to be so proud to be the home of such legends.

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