221 B Baker Street

221 B Baker Street

By Colleen Ferguson
June 7, 2016

Even though the character Sherlock Holmes was created over one hundred years ago, the popularity still ensues today. The home of Sherlock, 221 B Baker Street is one of the most well-known addresses in the world. So well-known that today there is a museum there that lets the public walk through the home of the fictional detective. 

Walking past this location today I started thinking about just how influential Sherlock Holmes has been in both Europe and the United States. Not only has this been a popular book series and television show, but its popularity has transitioned onto other shows. The television show “House” takes many of the aspects of Sherlock Holmes and recreates them in a more modern way. 

The main character, Gregory House’s name was a play on Holmes, Sherlock’s last name. This was in reference to the common personality traits that the two characters share, even being from different types of media. But the similarities don’t stop here. In Sherlock Holmes, his partner is named “Watson”. Similarly, in House, his colleague and friend’s name is Wilson. One of the other, most noticeable comparisons between the two shows is the address where both House and Sherlock call home. 221 B is the apartment Gregory House goes home to; for Sherlock, as we all know, he lives at 221 B Baker Street.

But besides these more obvious references to Sherlock Holmes, there are many other aspects of “House” that can be compared to Sherlock Holmes like: 

  • Use of drugs – cocaine for Holmes, Vicodin for House, morphine for both
  • Talent with a musical instrument – violin for Holmes, piano, guitar and harmonica for House
  • Ladies Men – Wilson and Watson
  • Tendency to come to rapid conclusions – House and Holmes




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