By Sarah Staelgraeve

Today was another jam packed day in London. We left our flats at 9 AM to arrive at ACCENT at 9:50. We listened to a 45 minute presentation on journalism. What I took out of Mr. Nadeem Badshah’s speech about his career were three main things. Keeping connections are to your advantage, going the extra mile is worth it and the world of journalism is fast paced – if you are pursing it, you best be ready. Also, it is essential to be up to date with the latest forms of media because that is how journalist connect with their viewers and get their material out there. Nadeem’s example of critical media was Twitter.


After we re-fueled on Italian flat bread pizza and salad (yummy), it was off to the British museum of packaging and advertising. Presented behind sealed glass were packages of things dated from waaaay back. Records, food packages such as famous cereal brands, cigarettes, Vogue magazine an more. You name it and they had it. It was very interesting to see the the things that have changed and also understand that some have remained the same.

made out of packaging products-hey there fashionista.

We were assigned to a specific British product and instructed to redesign it so that it appealed to Americans. I enjoyed this activity because it was different than anything we have done before and completely out of my career zone. It was fun and I gained more appreciation for advertising.

After this, a few of us grabbed coffee and went to see the movie Me Before You (a real tear jerker). By the time we ate and headed home, it was 9 PM. I can’t believe how quickly the days are going, and now I’m staring at my calendar realizing we are very close to having only a single digit number days left abroad. Although I miss the USA, it breaks my heart to think that the days I have to spend in the UK are quickly coming to a close. I am excited about the fact that there are still many more adventures that await us.

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