Beef Extract :)

By Holly Harestad

Time is flying and it’s only Tuesday!!! I cannot believe that we only have ten more days left in the beautiful country of Europe, I’m so not ready to leave yet!

Today was fun-filled and very interesting, like always. We started the day out with a speaker from an extremely popular newspaper, The Times, here in the UK. When we were first introduced, you could tell right off the bat that he was very professional and extremely passionate about the freelance journalism he writes about. He began his presentation with a couple examples of the recent work he has done; going undercover with the cops and seeing the effects of using fake ID’s to buy alcohol, jiujitsu with professionals, and going to various places like Milan for the work that he does. It was really cool to see what he thought about the work he does, how he feels about certain issues in the media, and my personal favorite from the British people, what he thought about media coverage in the United States.

Next stop – lunch time. My friends and I, instead of being so hangry (translation: hungry/angry) that we stop to eat at the first place we see, decided to look around a bit longer and came across a pizzeria type of place. Not only did we have the best meal but we sat next to a wall that had a quote from Julia Child that I could not agree with more. (See below)


Our final stop of the day as a group was the Museum of Brands, which I had never heard too much about. First walking in, I noticed tons and tons of products that dated back to even before the 1900’s and I was very intrigued to see what we would be hearing about from the employees. Once the rest of the group arrived, we headed upstairs to learn more about what the Museum does. Pretty much, it was started by a man named Robert Opie, when realizing while eating a candy bar that once he threw it out, how would people know what that packaging looked like ten years down the road? Which I thought was extremely clever, obviously, because now he has made it into a huge museum that people can go and see iconic labels of all kinds of products.

Dresses made out of various product packaging! 

We were shown when upstairs to learn about how products evolve over time and then given an opportunity to create a new label and slogan for whatever product was on the table we were sat at. My table, turned out to be a disgusting looking beef extract, that apparently can be used as a spread on toast and/or in a drink. (Very big in China, also in World War 2)

Here’s a picture of how I made this seemingly vile product, seem applicable and yummy to consumers in the United States. I figured adding a huge sense of health benefit and write on the label that it can be used as a detox as well, would help tremendously to sell in the U.S., considering the health kick is booming right now and honestly, I don’t know why else “The Original Beef Extract” would.


It really made me super interested in advertising and being able to really participate and consider getting into this sort of field.

After the activities for the day were done, we headed to the movies to see a rom-com and proceeded to bawl our eyes out. Off to bed for an early train ride to Cambridge University in the morning! Ta ta for now 🙂

One thought on “Beef Extract :)

  1. As always Hol so much fun to read! Your ad for Bouvril was exception…I may have to import some of that yummy extract based on your advertising alone ❤️


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