How many brands have you encountered today?

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 7, 2016

Our day started with a guest speaker, Nadeem Badshah, an eloquent freelance reporter. He explained to us the differences between each newspaper genre. I learned about the exaggerated tabloid press, the skeptical, anti establishment Daily mail, as well as the more contexual Telegraph and Financial Times. Similar to the United States, paper newspaper companies are on the decline. Having said this, although paper newspaper sales have decreased, online websites have increased in figures causing advertising rates in most industries to increase as well. There are similar outputs to relay information in both the UK and Ireland. Two in particular that Mr. Badshah focused on is Twitter and Buzzfeed. He expressed that both sites are a common way of releasing and gathering information across both America and the United Kindom. It is quite suprising that information in both countries are spread through similar media outlets.


We also went to the Brand Museum this afternoon. The first question our coordinator asked was “What brands have you encountered today?” As simple as this question seems, the list is endless. Here we were given an activity to recreate common British brands and transform them to appeal to consumers in the United States. I enjoyed this activity because we were able to see the different advertisement techniques that appeal to each culture. I was given Bovril, a beef extract paste to recreate. Below you can see a picture of what I recreated to make my product more appealing to someone in America. After the activity, we were given the chance to see the transformation of brands over the years. A common trend that I noticed was the evolution their packaging; most of their packaging as well as their logos became much more appealing to the eye. Here is an example of 12 common brands that have changed their logos overtime.


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