Once Upon a Time…

Don’t be fooled by the title… I am not referring to the whimsical television show, but the power of story telling. Stories are used to explain to be people what is going on in storyteller’s mind.

Today was full of lectures. Fortunately, we discussed different ways to convey messages not through digital media. To be creative and use verbal communication and hand-drawn images can be more effective than any social media outlet. Unfortunately, it was the nicest day out and was spent in the class room, but thats besides the point.


The use of social media or TV ads can have many different meanings to many different people. In digital media, you have 120 characters or 30/60 seconds on a TV ad. In these short segments, individuals can take the story and interpret it differently because we all have our own imaginations. When telling a story one on one or one to many, the storyline or message can be conveyed easier. The human mind has so much power.

Here is an Adweek article describing the advantages of story telling and disadvantages of advertising.

One more lecture and it was interesting to say the least. The lecturer was a famous political cartoonists, who has received hundreds of death threats (might I add). He explained the power of humor and how it affects the people in power. Leaders or politicians hold their power until they are mocked. Politicians hate nothing more than to be laughed at. He made an interesting point that politicians make jokes so people laugh with them and not at them. He pronounced that the best strategy to deal with extremists or terrorists is to mock them. This takes away their power over us.

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