The Art of Advertising

Advertising plays a huge factor with our everyday lives. Constantly, we see brands, logos, and advertisements that depict the way we see and feel about a product. It is an unconscious act that we play on our self when we see images, for example, the way we see brands, we can automatically recognize the slogan, picture, and even color scheme of a brand. I really enjoyed our activity today in the sense that it showed us how logos and brands have evolved over time. I gained a lot of insight while looking at many examples of advertisements, logos, brands from the past and seeing how companies either changed, or kept their logo similar from when the first product was made. It was interesting to see all of the companies that kept their logo similar to when the company first started, I honestly didn’t expect to see so many companies stick to their roots like that.

Nike logo acquired by Google

To me, it seemed that most brands updated their color scheme and often relied on an attention-grabbing style of wrapper that grabbed the consumer’s eye. Today, we worked with coming up with a different logo of an iconic brand in the UK, and tried to take that brand and promote it to American’s. The activity was fun in the sense that each group was able to use their creative mind and imagination to help provide the best product logo. Although my finished product (drawing) looked like a 1st graders work of art, it was still refreshing to come up with a logo. After our activity we had the opportunity to go and observe brands from present time, all the way back to the Edwardian age. This experience was attractive to the eye, and I was excited that we were fortunate enough to see how ads evolved over time.

Oxo Cubes
Oxo Cubes – Google images


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