To be in the field

By Jasmine Watts


Today we met Nadeem Badshah, a freelance reporter. He gave us insights on the world in journalism today, what it was like when he began, and upcoming changes we should look out for. I found this meeting extremely helpful because next year, my bachelors will be completed and I’ll be out in the field myself (hopefully). One of the major points he made was about the constant decline in physical newspapers in the U.K. and the increase of web traffic in news. He showed us stats for the U.S. as well. Though the U.S. also has an increase in web traffic, the decline in newspapers has started to level out. I found this interesting because as a journalism major, I feel that I constantly hear that newspapers are dying and that they’ll soon be obsolete. However, Nadeem said that he’s been hearing this since he first started his career in journalism ten years ago, and has only seen a few papers go out of business. That was really reassuring. I personally do not use physcial papers. But I know that since the web is constantly updating, people do like to have the physical piece that they can go back and refer to. I really hope that the decline in papers is done for good.

Nadeem also touched on social media, and how our generation has an advantage in the industry because we know how to utilize it. One of the main social media apps that helps to tell stories is Twitter. Twitter can be used to get quotes and pictures from celebrities, to see what’s trending, what people are interested in, retweeting, and can link to news pages. Social media has grown into such a huge part of the journalism industry. It was cool to hear the perspective of some one who is actually in the industry and get his advice on what to look forward to.

Afterwards we went to the Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising. It was interesting to see how brands have changed over time. I did a lot of walking to get there and saw a lot of London that I never knew existed.


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