Punting is not so (Fun)ting

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 8, 2016

Today was full of adventures. We adventured out of the city and

The Pub DNA was invented in!

into Cambridge. Upon arriving by train we were given a guided tour by a witty older man who showed us a few University’s in this town. He shared some of the city’s historical sites as well as some of the inventions that happened right here in Cambridge. In 1953 at a local pub, The Eagle, DNA was discovered. We were able to go in and see exactly where both Francis Crick and James Watson discovered “the secret to life”. Let’s just say that’s not the only scientific invention in the town of Cambridge; Isaac Newton discovered the proton, neutron and electron at Trinity College (one of the colleges on our tour).


 Now let me tell you about why today was so adventurous. In addition to the prestigious school, University of Cambridge, and the worldly inventions that came from this town, there is specifically one attraction that tends to attract tourists to this lovely city; Punting. The first thing that popped into my head when I was told we were going punting was that we were going to play a game of soccer or possibly dodgeball… my assumption was way off. Punting is a water activity similar to standup paddle boarding only you are moving yourself as well as a few others. Sounds pretty easy huh? Well not when you are the only one punting for an hour straight. Let’s just say I got more of a workout from punting about a fourth a mile than I did from my 2 mile run this morning. However, regardless of the sweat and current soreness, I had a great time in the city of Cambridge.


For anyone planning to take a trip to Cambridge anytime soon here is a quick tutorial of how to Punt. Trust me, it will come in handy!

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