The Connect

By Jasmine Watts


All throughout college, and even in high school you hear people say “keep in contact”, “college is about networking”, or most famously “it’s not about what you know. It’s about who you know.”

The ideas of staying in contact is drilled into our minds for years, but do we really do it? Michigan State is a HUGE campus. Teachers don’t know all the students in their class like in high school. Some teachers tell you that you can come back and ask them for advice, help with projects, or life issues, but how many students really do that?

Like many people, I know that staying connected to people, especially people in your industry, helps a whole lot. But how do you do it? Many people feel like they’re bothering the person, or don’t know what to say. Leaving Cambridge today and speaking with Troy about the subject gave me more insight on how and why to stay in contact.

After the meeting with the advertising agency Golley Slater, Troy told one of my colleagues to email the president, thank him for his time, send him a few pieces of your work and ask for feedback. I’m sure an email like this would set any person in the industry apart from the rest. Not only are you checking back with the person and showing your interest, you are also showing your passion for the work, willingness to go one step beyond, and desire to improve. Staying connected can lead you to the job of your dreams. You can gain a mentor, experience, and improve your art.

And you should never feel like a pain, many people would love to help. Troy said there are two types of professionals…
1. One who doesn’t want to help you because they’re afraid you’ll take their job.
2. Ones who’d love to help any one passionate about their craft.
It’s easy to tell the difference between the two.

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