48 Hours in Paris

By Brooke Segal

Our first and only weekend to travel to the city of our choice. I chose Paris!! The most beautiful city and the fashion capital of the world. Not only was I in fashion, caramel latte, and crepe heaven, but I have never experienced such a rich culture.


I have traveled multiple times out of America, but I have never been to a city that is not primarily english speaking. I felt very out of my element to say the least. The only thing I ordered at restaurants were salads with avocado, as it was the only words that looked similar to the English word.

Even though feeling a culture shock, I enjoyed every minute of it. Each morning included lattes and croissants (I could talk about the food forever!!!) and the morning news. One news channel was the only show on TV that was spoken in English. Within the hour of news watched, about half of it was on the US election. Many walkways and museums were closed due to the river flooding. The flood was affecting the city, but there was only a five minute report of the flooding on the news. I’m more and more surprised how much American politics is discussed abroad. UK and French news is heavily focused on international segments. In contrast, American news is heavier concentrated on local news.

Some of the flooding affecting the city. A sidewalk completely under water. 

Each day was magical. The only feeling I could compare it to was the feeling of going to Disneyland as a child. Overwhelmed by the sight of the Eiffel Tower and the amount of people roaming the streets. The streets were filled with people at every hour. I had never seen anything like it before.


48 hours was not enough in the amazing city and I can not wait to return. If you ever have the chance to go to Paris, I highly suggest it. Of course, eat a chocolate crepe under the eiffel tower as it twinkles at midnight. (Click here for the history of lighting of the tower) My type of Cinderella story!!!!!

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