A Day in Cambridge

Visiting Cambridge was a blast, mostly because of the fact that we were able to go “punting“, no not punting footballs, or soccer balls, but trying to maneuver a boat around with a stick is what punting means, at least to me. I was selected to be the punter (basically made to be the punter) and I can honestly say that it was ten times harder than it looked. It was almost impossible to steer the boat, and the fact that I almost fell in the river fifteen times didn’t help the situation. But, the experience I had with punting will never leave me, although I was stressed for most of the time attempting to guide my way, along with three others back and forth, I wont forget the laughs we shared and the beautiful scenery that we were able to capture (punting behind Cambridge University).IMG_1554

Before our punting adventure, we had the chance to get a guided tour of Cambridge. I enjoyed hearing about the rich history behind Cambridge. I found it fascinating that Cambridge produced more than 90 Nobel Prize winners since the college was founded. Also, Cambridge has over 31 colleges that have been founded from the 13th to the 20th century. During our journey through Cambridge, we were brought to an old pub called “The Eagle“, The Eagle once served to the great James Watson, and Francis Crick, these are the men who discovered the double helix, along with probably the most crucial biological discovery, and that was DNA. I myself, even had the opportunity to sit at the same table that these men sat at. Cambridge had so much to offer, and I loved that we were able to explore, learn, and experience Cambridge.  IMG_1537

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