Today we were in my natural habitat. A set of a TV show where I used my incredible acting skills.  Okay, maybe not exactly… but it still was a pretty awesome day!  We were privileged to be guests at the iTV station in London!

We were able to see first hand what a real TV set looks like, the dynamics of what goes into a talk show, and mess around with the equipment and use the cameras ourselves!  It was really cool to see really how much goes into the making of just one episode.  I really enjoyed seeing the set.  There were fake little pieces of food all over the stages kitchen, and there even was a fake window made of a screen using the images from a camera set up outside so it looked like a real scenery view! It was so cool to me.  As a creative advertising student I have never really experienced that part of production, I am more focused on the making of designs and logos.  Being around broadcasters and TV personalities was very refreshing.  I cannot believe how much I have been learning on this journey.  Every day I am introduced to something else that will help me in my future career.  It is very eye opening to me by meeting these professionals because I get to see first hand what it will  be like to work for a company.  This exposure is going to be so beneficial to me and my fellow peers.  I can’t wait to see whats in store for these next and final 10 days!

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