Another Day Another Park

By Morgan Lauer


We began the day today with a presentation from a freelance journalist. He talked about his experience in the media and some of the newspapers and magazines in the UK. It was interesting to see the differences between the newspaper
s here and in the United States. In the UK most of the newspapers are either completely right-wing or left-wing, whereas in the US this is not the case.

After the presentation a group of us grabbled lunch to go and had a picnic in Hyde Park. The parks have become one of my favorite aspects of London, especially since it’s been so nice the past few days.

Hyde Park

After lunch we headed to the Museum of brands. Before we explored the exhibits, we were each given an iconic British product to analyze. My group was given OXO Beef Stock Cubes. We studied the brand’s changes in packaging from the 1910’s to the present. We were even given the chance to recreate the brand to help it appeal to an American audience. One thing I changed on the package was that I added a picture of soup to the front so that consumers would know what the product is and one thing it could be used for. I enjoyed this activity because it related to my major and it gave me an opportunity to practice something that I may be doing in the future.

After working with our products we toured the rest of the museum. It was full of different brands and how they have evolved over the years. It was really cool to see the vintage products and the ones that were comparable to American products, but slightly different.

Tomorrow we are off to Cambridge bright and early!

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