Cambridge Adventures

By Emma Fleming

Today may have been my favorite day in London so far. We headed towards the city of Cambridge which pretty much breeds geniuses and 92 (!!!!!) Nobel Prize winners (Alan Turing, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin just to name a few). Even being there made me feel like I was a little smarter. Not only is the campus beautiful, it was so quaint and still felt like a city which is a little different from East Lansing. I said maybe 20 times “I could live here” maybe then my children could be geniuses.

We went to a pub that was down a small alley and casually there hung a plaque that showed that the discovery of DNA was founded there. You really don’t expect to be in the presence of all of these discoveries or their homeland. It was almost surreal.

Plaque of the discovery of DNA.

Our last stop was a cathedral in the heart of campus. Being that there are 31 separate colleges at this university, this is really a central point in the heart of the city. It was already breathtaking on the outside then something even better happened…we walked in. I didn’t know where to look first- the numerous stained glass windows? The ornate ceiling? The giant organ they were refurbishing? Just gorgeous…everything.


Next stop…punting. No, not a football, a boat. Hesitant, I somehow ended up on a little wooden boat in the middle of a canal, ducks racing towards me. After I stopped being dramatic, I eventually got up and “punted” which means I used a long steering stick/rod to try and steer our boat towards who knows what. I realized I have zero arm muscle but maybe I can blame it on the heavy pole instead. After about 5 minutes of that strenuous work out, I found myself basking in the sun on the most perfect day we’ve had. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more relaxed in my life.

Thank you for a fabulous day, Cambridge. 9 days left (ugh ): ) and I’m ready to make the most of it!

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