Can this be my life?

By Jasmine Watts

Ok, so I’m at this weird state of my college career where I’m a senior and I still don’t know if I want to do print or broadcast journalism. Originally, I went into journalism because I love to write and investigate. But then every time I told some one my major, they’d say “oh yea I can see you on the news”. This made me think of my major differently. I took a broadcast journalism class and I was quite good, I loved it! But I also took capital news service and other print media classes and loved those as well.
Today we went to ITV studios where I was truly in awe.

Outside of one of the ITV buildings

ITV studios is a television studio where they film many live shows, sometimes even with an audience. We learned all about what they do and how to do it. We learned how to work the cameras and got to see their beautiful set.

A kitchen set for a cooking segment


I loved the feel of the studio and being in front of the camera. Like, can this be my life? The employees of the studio were friendly and eager to help. This was one of my favorite visits of our course so far. They gave me inspiration for the future and advice on how to get into the industry. Their number one piece of advice was to gain experience. I’ve done one internship at the Michigan Chronicle, a newspaper based out of Detroit, and I’ve applied for an internship with HOMTV for the fall semester. Hopefully this experience I’m gaining can help me decide what I want to do and I can get some skills along the way.


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