Cruisin’ in Cambridge

By Holly Harestad

Today turned out to be a really exciting day because we traveled to Cambridge University. Going there, I didn’t know much about the area or campus besides that Stephen Hawking attended Trinity College, part of Cambridge. Once our tour had started, our guide pointed out many other influential figures that have attended the school as well, such as Sir Isaac Newton (developer of three main laws of motion, which formed the basic principles of modern physics). Cambridge has also held many former Nobel Prize winners!!! (92, to be exact!)

Our guide took us to the oldest pub in Cambridge, and described to us what the building used to be and the supposed myths and history that went along with it, which was super fun to hear about. Then, we headed inside, where we were shown a very casually placed plaque that signified that that was where the discovery of DNA was made. It was so crazy to think that I was standing right where all of this major influential information was being created, such a surreal experience.


Our last stop was a trip to probably the most amazing chapel I’ve ever step foot in. From the moment we walked in, I thought to myself “I should really get married in a chapel that looks just like this.” It was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Stain glass art covered the walls and the intricate ceiling designs were impeccable, thinking about how all of it had been constructed and designed thousands of years ago without the use of technology really just blows my mind.

Cambridge University is seriously a school that you would want to have your kids end up at. You really can’t beat a school that has so much to offer and so many accomplishments (MSU, you’re the exception). I loved every second of my time at such a stunning, big,  and beautiful campus.

We ended our day at Cambridge with a nice little PUNTING session! Don’t know what punting is? Well, its a little boat that you and your friends get into, while one person stands at the front of the boat, rowing everyone else with a 10 ft tall metal pole. 🙂 EASY!!!! Especially when you have muscles like mine. Not sure how I became so quick to volunteer, but about five minutes into it, my arms regretted every second of it. The view from the little lake though was gorgeous, with bridges we were able to punt ourselves under and ducklings that swam right up to our boat! As long as I wasn’t the punter, I was happy and have never been more relaxed, basking in the sun.

Emma balancing herself with my head!!!

Ugh, study abroad is so hard! 😉 Till next time!!!

One thought on “Cruisin’ in Cambridge

  1. Holland your piece on Cambridge was so interesting, but I have to admit your punting expedition was so comical and the photos…even better! Thank you for making your personality shine through your words…I love you❤️


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