Don’t let the smile fool you; Punting is hard

Don’t let the smile fool you; Punting is hard

By Katie Gotta


Today was a day I saw with hearts in my eyes when we were given our rough program outlook in March. The day has now come and gone and I can now officially say I studied (abroad) at University of Cambridge.

Upon arriving at Cambridge and walking 1.5 miles to our starting point, we were greeted by a friendly guide who would be our guide for our morning tour. During those two hours we saw everything that the 31 college’s which make up the University had to offer including soaring cathedrals and historic old buildings that line the brick streets at every turn.

After almost passing out on the tour from a combination of heat, exhaustion and hunger,

Don’t let the smile fool you; I was struggling.

we decided to make our way to the oldest pub in Cambridge for my daily fish & chips comparison and then to the Cam River to practice “punting“. Until today the only way I had ever considered the word “punting” to be used with was for kicking footballs, but Cambridge’s version of the world was far from that. It is a sport in which a massive (and quite heavy) 10ft long metal pole is used to help steer a small boat down the river. It sounds cool in theory, but my execution was lacking. My family owns two canoes which we use regularly so I thought I was a perfect match for a sport like this but I was very, very wrong. After 30 minutes of going in circles I gave my spot as lead-punter up and resorted to using the wall to push us down the canal. It worked, although we got a lot of head turns from the other Cambridge students along the way.

All in all Cambridge was one of the longest, yet most incredible days on this trip. With the beautiful weather, magnificent architecture and ~interesting~ activities who wouldn’t want to be a student at Cambridge? Well, maybe not me considering how punting went… I guess I’ll stick with MSU.

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