Each day is better than the last


By Ally Hamzey

Every day, I find myself smiling so hard out of gratitude, that I can actually feel my facial muscles go numb. There is always something magnificent to see and something influential to learn from each day. Traveling to Cambridge today did not disappoint us, unsurprisingly. We toured The University of Cambridge, the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university, established in 1209.

The history of this school perplexed me above all. The details in all of the buildings and the time needed to construct such intricacies was simply breathtaking.

King’s College of Cambridge University.

The biggest pleasant surprise of the day was arguably the beautiful, sunny weather that is quite rare here in England. After our walking tour from our lovely, dry-Brit humored tour guide, we ate at the oldest pub in Cambridge, The Eagle. This pub holds superstitions and historical declarations that just in themselves make it a pub worth eating at. Sir Isaac Newton famously declared the discovery of DNA at the very table some of us sat at.


When we weren’t dining at such historical pubs, we were punting down a river with the sun shining on our skin and our boats recklessly colliding with others becausewehaveneverpuntedbeforeIamsosorryeveryone. What in the Sam Hill is punting, one may ask? Wikipedia explains punt and the practicing of punts as so:

A punt is a flat-bottomed boat with a square-cut bow, designed for use in small rivers or other shallow water. Punting refers to boating in a punt.

We cheeringly slid into our boats, or punts, without a single clue how difficult pushing a boat with a stick actually was. We struggled, we collided with innocent bypassers’ boats in the river, but we did it with laughs, and happiness was radiating everywhere. How could it not be? The sun was beaming on us, we were boating past the most picturesque university sights I’ve ever seen, and we had nothing to complain about.

Our lovely punter, Aron, and Marisa (not pictured: Reagan) as we punted down the river.

I am endlessly grateful for yet another wonderful day on this trip.

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