I don’t always get the fellas, but when I do they are from Cambridge…Ohio.

by: Darien Velasquez

Visiting Cambridge was a life changing experience for me. Being able to visit one of the most prestigious colleges in the world really does something to a person. I was able to tour the campus, learn about its history and meet new people all at the same time.  Something that stood apart from the rest was King’s College. Although this wasn’t directly related to media, it was directly related to schooling and what it takes to be the best of the best in your field. There are roughly 20,000 students at Cambridge which is nearly half of the amount that go to MSU. One thing that was very different about Cambridge compared to my University is that there is no central campus, everything is a little everywhere and this is because they work through 31 different colleges. MSU has different colleges too of course which sets us apart from other schools but we still have a central campus which I prefer. Cambridge isn’t just ranked one of the greatest universities but it’s also one of the most well known and respected colleges and this probably has a lot to do with the history of the place. The university is rich with tradition and the culture at this school is different than any place I’ve been before. These buildings are dated back to hundreds of years ago and they use this to their advantage in a way, great publicity and advertising on their part but I’m more than sure that’s not why they did it. The art was beautiful, the architecture was to die for and our tour guide was amazing. What’s Oxford? I love Cambridge!



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