I’m really trying not to fangirl


By Ally Hamzey

“Don’t fangirl. Calm, cool, and collected. No fangirling; please, Ally.”

I find myself frantically gathering my cool each time we encounter yet another enticing place or person. Considering being a fangirl is fused into my blood and soul, it was rather difficult to hold in my excitement when we toured ITV Studios in London today.


We had the honor of speaking with the production staff today on the ins and outs of producing popular talk shows, such as Loose Women. When you’re the TV watcher, you don’t always consciously notice the efforts and techniques necessary for bringing the show together. In fact, you don’t think about how the host of your favorite talk show would be a silhouette in a dark room if the lighting wasn’t adjusted correctly.


It felt surreal to be in the presence of where I dream to be. I’ve wanted to be on talk show television since I was a fifth grader crafting my talk show focused Dream Career speech (which, may I add, made it to the finals, thank you very much). I have the “Future Ellen DeGeneres/Jimmy Fallon” award from high school to solidify my life-long passion. I can’t lie, though, it’s hard to openly dream for something so seemingly out of reach.


I learned today that my dreams of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry are feasible. I got advice from a sound and light engineer, who told me there are a few keys to differentiating myself among other talk show personality hopefuls. I will hold that advice closely to me for years and years as I put my all into immersing myself into this fast paced industry that I cannot wait to fight my way into.

The visit at ITV Studios ended unbelievably as the producer of ITV personally asked me to sign a contract for an upcoming talk show at the studio. I say with pure elation that my pop culture, tell-all, snack producing talk show, Appetites with Ally, will premiere in the spring of 2017. Stay tuned, and I can’t wait for the crazy ride ahead of me!


*I may have fabricated the last paragraph. But hey, I’m still feeling a little dreamy after that visit.*

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