Emily Morrow



Today was a very interesting experience for me.  I am a Creative Advertising major and most of this trip in my eyes has been based on advertising.  It almost made me forget about the fact that this is a Mass Media course, so it includes all forms of media! One of these forms is journalism.  We were able to meet with a current UK journalist today and understand the concepts of the journalism field a little more.  I really enjoyed listening to his insight because he made me more interested in that field and I now can understand why so many people love the work that they do in journalism.  He explained to us what he does for a living, which he is a free-lance journalist meaning he does not work for one company but he writes stories and pitches them to different newspapers and magazines seeing if someone will publish them.  He explained to us the difference in UK journalism and US journalism.  There were not many, but he did say that tabloids in America are less censored that the UK and this actually shocked me because for what I have seen, a lot of things here are less censored than at home.  The meeting was great and we were able to ask him questions about his opinions on things he does for his job.  He said he likes being free lance because this gives him the freedom to be more creative and is not necessarily told what he has to write about.  I was impressed by his knowledge and writing capability because if I was told I had to write something that was good enough to be published, I do not think I’d be making much profit from that! I didn’t take many pictures today as we just met with him in the class room so I’m posting some from the weekend.

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