Lights, Camera, Action!

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 9, 2016

Today we were given the opportunity to go to ITV studios, a well known television network in United Kingdom. Most people from the U.S. may know their competitor BBC much better; however, both commercial television networks are very succesful here in the United Kingdom. This studio is home to many live talk shows, cooking shows and soap operas; one of their most famous ones is Good Morning Britain. We were given a tour of a studio where we were able to see the different sets for their day time shows, it was absolutley beautiful. However, in addition to the stunning studio I was able to get insight about much of what they do. I am a communications major and interested in health and risk communication, yet today I found the broadcasting side of communications very interesting.


There are so many aspects that go into making the show run smooth. We talked to a variety of staff and they each had a different role in how they contribute to the process. In addition to the many roles, there are many levels that comprise their positions. For example, I was intrigued by how the production manager had worked her way from being a runner to now being a head postion with many people under her. It goes to show that hard work pays off, and as our guide told us experience is key. I am glad I was able to see behind the scenes of a broadcasting studio to recieve more information on my large field of study.

Check out one of their talk shows, Loose Women!


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