Museum of Marmite?

by: Darien Velasquez

Since our Study Abroad is called MSU Mass Media, I was not surprised at all when I heard we would be visiting the famous Museum of Brands on the even more famous, Portobello Road. It wasn’t much like I was expecting at all. For us, it wasn’t just a walk through type of museum, we were actually able to do some hands on work before hand which made it more interactive and interesting. In the session before the tour, we were each assigned a certain British brand and had to compare it to something from the U.S. which was a little more challenging than I had expected. Each country has their own target audience and some of the things that might appeal to us..might not appeal to everyone. For example, my group had to compare the British product Marmite to something similar in the states where that was nearly impossible. Marmite is something that is famous and well known to London and its locals but for us…Marmite is a gross salty paste. Our culture is completely different and therefore our adverts and branding are also different. I don’t care to much for Marmite but once I got home I began to research it a little more where I was able to compare their advertising once again to ours. Their website is very similar as fas as design but as far as the advertising, it’s much different.

I really appreciated this museum because without the archives and the old labels and the old branding..we wouldn’t be able to trace back in comm history and we wouldn’t be able to re-live the past and improve our advertising like we do today.

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