Next Stop, Grad School?


Emily Morrow


When in the great land of the UK, it is only necessary that we visit the one and only University of Cambridge! The college was unbelievable! I could not believe my eyes when I was able to see this wonderful campus today. We took the train from Kings Cross and in an hour we were in a wonderful little place. The college’s buildings were crafted with such intricacy I could not believe it. The architects of these buildings were literally geniuses. We started our day with a tour of the city and our tour guide gave us some interesting facts to take with us about the university. This college is ranked #4 in the world! 21 thousand students attend Cambridge, thats about have as many people attend Michigan State. I was still surprised at the size of the student population though because the campus is actually pretty small even though it is filled with wonderful buildings. The city of Cambridge is perfect to me. London has proven to be a very fast moving city and very overwhelming. As much as I have been enjoying London, the smaller, less condensed Cambridge was very refreshing. The city has a little river running through it and we were able to take rides on gondolas through the river! The little wooden boats were so cute and fun. I actually had no idea we were going to do this so it was a pleasant surprise. We all took turns rowing the boat and it was honestly a work out. It was awesome to ride through the town and see it from the water. It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for strolling down the river. Cambridge is now one of my favorite places I have ever visited and I hope I can return there again one day. 🙂

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