Punt, Punt, Punt Your Boat

8 June, 2016

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: Budapest // George Ezra

There was absolutely amazing weather today as we were able to visit the unbelievably beautiful Cambridge University. It was founded in 1209 when Oxford, nicknamed “The Other School” at Cambridge, had to close after a few students killed a lady of the night. About 300 students arrived in Cambridge to study and they’ve had students there for the last 800 years. The university is unique because it is made up of 31 different colleges, all founded in different years. Cambridge boasts 92 Nobel Prize winners, and it’s alumni include Sir Isaac Newton, Ghandi and Stephen Hawking, just to name a few.

The amount of history that has taken place at this beautiful university is absolutely astounding. We were fortunate enough to be able to tour the campus and also King’s College Chapel. It was commissioned by King Henry VI and took the reign of six different kings to finish. The eastern first half, designed by Henry VI, was very plain, as he was a very pious man. The western half, finished by Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII, were designed to boast about the great Tudor House and their family crests and symbols are beautifully carved into the walls.

To finish our time in Cambridge, we went punting. Punting is something similar to riding in a gondola, except we had to move the boat ourselves. With the sun shining and a light breeze in the air, it was so relaxing and it was incredible to float down the water and see all of the beautiful architecture that exists in Cambridge. It was a moment where I looked around myself and honestly could hardly believe where I was. I felt like I was radiating happiness and I think I will always remember that feeling. It was definitely an experience I don’t see myself forgetting.

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