“Read the Times if you want to look smart”

“Read the Times if you want to look smart”

By Katie Gotta


Today was a day for learning, and I gathered more information through presenters on this one day than I have during any other so far. We began this busy day with a lecture from Nadeen Badshah, a young freelance journalist who has been working in the industry for just over five years. He began his presentation by explaining the right and left winged newspapers in the UK, showcasing the differences between US and UK political biases. I had never been aware that UK newspapers exhibited such bias when their television does not at all. I found this interesting as the US is completed reversed.


Following our presentation, we headed over to the Museum of Brands. Walking in I thought “oh great, a giant building full of old products” but it was not how I imagined it. Instead of being old, tired and boring, we were brought upstairs to a little studio where we were able to get to know a “classic British product” and learn about the branding over time of this one product. Limiting our knowledge to one product helped us understand more of the transformation that they have encountered over the years. Following our learning of the items shown to us, we were given the task of creating the next packing design of our product. As we did finished off our designs, we headed downstairs to view the full archive of our product as well as hundreds of others to further our understanding of the design evolution that products have experienced throughout hundreds of years. Through a maze of walls covered in artifacts ranging from WWI to One Direction, we made our way to the end of the museum and the end of another day of learning here in the United Kingdom.


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