That’s a bold move Cotton.

by: Darien Velasquez

What is Punting you might ask? Well it’s clearly not what you watched above because as you can see….I am no punting expert. Today while in Cambridge, we not only got to visit the University but we got to get our punt on as well. I did a little more of my own research to see how punting has been portrayed in media across the globe and I found some gems that’s forsure. Of course there are adverts for punting but what’s the big deal really? In July 2015 there was a piece done by BBC UK where a woman by the name of Chelsea Burns created a rocket power punt which was definitely a little different than the way I had seen it. Cambridge is famous for its university of course but there is more to Cambridge than just that, this is one of the most beautiful places in London so it’s really no surprise to see stars like David Beckham and his family coasting down with the locals. In May 2015, MailOnline  did a pop piece on just that. Just because he is a “star” doesn’t mean he doesn’t have functioning eyeballs. This article made it seem so BIZZARE that an original local to London would visit his own turf. He was just as impressed as I was and he posted a photo on his Instagram which caught a lot of attention and was great “accidental” advertising for the place.

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In the States we don’t have castles and we certainly don’t punt around MSU. I just love everything here, it’s so different and alien to everything I grew up on, I want to share it with everyone I know and this whole blogging this is the perfect way to go about it!

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