The History Behind Advertising

Another beautiful day in London Town! We have been really lucky with the weather this week. We have been abroad for 4 weeks now, and it has gone by with a blink of an eye. The days are starting to blur this week because we have been so busy.

It was the last day in the Accent classroom. We were accompanied by a UK journalist who lectured us on where print media and journalism is going in the future. Most journalism is going digital as newspaper companies are switching to online media. Although the written newspaper is not going anywhere as consumers are still buying papers each morning.

Want to know the juicy gossip on the Kim Kardashian or any celebrity in America? You would pick up the recent issue of People Magazine or US. You wouldn’t choose the New York Times for the celebrity spread. In the United Kingdom, different newspapers emphasis different spreads. Consumers that desire celebrity gossip in the UK, would turn to the newspapers rather than the magazines.

We attended the Museum of Brands and Advertising. The owner of the museum realized at a young age if we throw away all the packaging of items, we will never know how products originally looked. He then began collecting and opened the museum.

Advertising and packaging can be extremely influential of a product. The packaging of an item can make it iconic. Everyone knows the tiger on Frosted Flakes. The original tiger has evolved since the launch of the product, but is still recognizable.


Packaging and advertising, can make or break the sales of a product. For example, the Coca Cola glass bottles are the same shape as when they started (Here is a picture of the progression of the Coke bottles). You can pick a bottle of Coke and know it is a Coca Cola product without looking at the label. The packaging of Coke is so recognizable,their recent campaign removed their logo and replaced it with common names. Also known as the 2013 and 2014 “Share a Coke” campaign. The simple change on the bottle, boosted their sales.

Click here for the results of the campaign.



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