Tried Breaking a Leg Today!

By Holly Harestad

Lights, camera, I’m on set at ITV studios! Today’s adventure included getting up close and personal with what would be the Today show in America. Not only were the employees so welcoming and kind, but totally willing to answer any question we had. Which ended up being multiple questions, turns out all of us want to be on TV!

Speaking with different members of the staff was SO interesting because, for myself, I can see myself doing a whole lot of different things, so understanding which position and what that entailed really helped to narrow down what I thought would be a good fit for me.

As for being in FRONT of the camera, my friend Emma and I thought we were killing it. As a group we were able to go and play with the cameras and zoom in and out on whoever was sitting on the talk show couch or standing in the kitchen area. Every time the camera zoomed in on us, we had no other option than to wave, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? We waved to the camera about 72 times today. 🙂 Stay tuned for our future talk shows that, yes, will include us drinking wine and maybe some games to go along with it? Who knows! The possibilities are endless am I right?!


Ending the day with a delicious nutella, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream crepe made it that much better. I can’t get enough of them (seriously, there has got to be some kind of “crepe diet”, who’s with me???)

Tomorrow we have a big day planned out, off to meet with the president of Warner Brothers and then a Harry Potter exhibit! Au revoir for now, (au revoir because I’m still not over having to leave Paris) 🙂

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