Visiting my Future Grad School (JK I wish)

By Morgan Lauer


Cambridge University

Today we took a trip to Cambridge. As soon as we arrived, we got a tour of the University. Cambridge is full of unexpected history. There are 31 separate colleges within the university. We saw where Isaac Newton lived when he attended Trinity College, and we even ate in the same pub where DNA was discovered.

Outside of Isaac Newton’s former room and an apple tree outside of the window

While walking through the town, we could hear many sounds of champagne bottles being popped open in celebration of exams being over. There were students everywhere relaxing in the sun with champagne bottles. It was very similar to Michigan State after finals.

After the tour we went Punting. Punting in the United Kingdom is not kicking a football like it is in America. Walking to the canal, nobody really knew what we were getting ourselves into. We were set off on our own to drive the strange boats down the river using giant sticks. Driving a boat with a stick seemed like a piece of cake at first and I thought it would be somewhat like kayaking or canoeing. It was far from that. It turned out to be extremely difficult and resulted in many collisions, traffic jams, and sore arms. After about an hour, my group finally got the hang of it and it was quite enjoyable.

IMG_7159 2

Today the weather was beautiful once again. It was a perfect day to explore a new place and to [eventually] have some fun on the water.

Tomorrow we are visiting an actual T.V. set where they tape the show Loose Women!

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