Welcome To Our Talk Show!

By Morgan Lauer


On the set!

Today was an awesome day for all of us. We visited ITV and an actual T.V. set where they film talk shows and a morning show equivalent to Good Morning America. We walked up to the set through the doors where celebrity guests enter. We saw where they get their makeup done and where all of the props are stored.

IMG_7138We entered the perfect looking set and spent two hours learning everything that goes into the production of the T.V. shows. There were five cameras, a ceiling full of lights, and a large crew. Being a viewer of similar talk shows, I have never considered the many different details and steps it takes to bring the show together.

It was so surreal to actually be on a set that thousands of people see everyday on their screen. We were even able to play around with the cameras and see how they form the perfect angles and pictures. One thing that surprised me was the size of the room. On T.V., the rooms where shows are filmed seem so much larger, but the crew explained to us that they purposely make the sets look larger than the really are with the cameras.

The crew  presenting to us was extremely welcoming, helpful and informative. Being an advertising major, I have never considered going into anything TV related, but after today and realizing the many different roles may one day find myself behind the scenes of another T.V. set.IMG_7130

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