I made it, Mom!!

I made it, Mom!!

By Katie Gotta


Somehow I was let into a television studio today. And I’m not talking about a small outdated one that hasn’t broadcasted in years, but instead an active, fresh and constantly moving studio called ITV Studios.


As we walked through the security entrance, I couldn’t help but daydream about all of Britain’s most famous journalists that walk through on a daily basis such as Graham Norton, Ben Shepherd, and the “Loose Women”. With my eyes wide I walked into the land of color and production. After previously only seeing a set through the magic of a television box, I was in shock as the studio’s lead production manager came to explain the space and answer any questions we may have had. Following his presentation we were given the opportunity to play around with the five cameras used in Stage 8 and the opportunity to talk to the other employees working at the studio.

After messing around with the camera functions and goofing off on the set there was still one more job left to be done- fulfill my 6th grade dreams and get a picture at the desk like a true journalist. Though journalism isn’t exactly the career path I’m chasing in life, the behind the scenes jobs of producing and managing crews excite me, and helps me understand more of the media market that I do intend to be apart of. Upon approaching one of the studios producers as she explained the day to day life of guiding guests, planning for the day, and ultimately being the one making people happy, I realized that producing a TV show is something I was not only incredible interested in, but would most likely be good at through my creative and business skills. Furthermore, I will be seeing you all very soon via a television near you.


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