I’ll admit… I was a hater!

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 10, 2016

Upon arriving at the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour I was unaware of the various components that contributed to the film series, Harry Potter. I am probably one of the only people in our group that isn’t necessarily a fan of Harry Potter (not that I dislike it, I just prefer other genres). However, despite this I have learned to appreciate it much more after talking to the President of Warner Brothers Studios, who has so much pride for Warner Bros. films, in particular Harry Potter. The 2 hour experience through The Making of Harry Potter changed my overall impression drastically. The immense work and time that went into making such an award winning film was worth it.

There are many aspects to producing a movie; you have a production designer who sets each scene, a set decorater, a cinematographer, a costume designer, prop manufacturer, the list is endless. However, there is a mastermind to all of this and that is the President. The President of Warners Brothers is the head of a majority of the movies produced by this major company. Although he does not direct or produce the movies his role is to overseek all of the departments, budget the production and most importantly motivate his workers.We were given the ability to interview the President of Warner Brothers Studio, Josh Berger. How awesome?


Honestly, prior to the interview I was expecting it to be an older and very serious man, but he proved me wrong. Mr. Berger is an eloquent middle aged man that was able to relate to us through his charasmatic personality. He gave us insight on how to make a career out of media and the steps towards achieving our dreams. I found it quiet interesting that although he went to the prestigious Harvard University, he studied something completely different than his interest. This might sound a little unusual to some people; however, if you know where your heart is you have your whole life to do that.With that being said, he took a year off after graduating and moved to Italy to pursue his passion for media. It goes to show that your degree doesn’t necessarily determine your career path. This is similar to what I’m interested in, my dream is to move to Africa for a year after I graduate. Although this is a drastic move, Mr. Berger gave me inspiration to do so. In the end, although everyones situations are different, he made it clear to work hard and follow your heart.

Now lets get to what you all have been waiting for.. the details to the awesome exhibit, or experience shall I say. It was unreal, to say the least! Everything from the set design to the masks were presented well. Two hours was simply not enough, I could’ve stayed in the exhibit for days. I’m no where near a huge Harry Potter fan, and quite frankly I used to think it was a little odd that so many people were. However, after today I can say I am a fan.  Maybe not a die hard fan, but I will most definitely watch more than just the first movie.

Harry Potter is globally recognized and I believe that is in part because of the advertising and marketing heavily associated with the series. With that being said, I cannot put into words how much of an impact Harry Potter has made on the movie industry. This well aclaimed movie series has very little competitors due to the recognition it has recieved for decades. This is a business in its own; I could go on and on about the advertising and marketing aspect of the exhibit alone. From the very start, the bus you take from the train station to the studio is basically a billboard on wheels. This two decor bus is decorated majically to set the scene of what is yet to come in the exhibit. In addition to the bus they also have tons of billboards and advertisments around the Tube luring people in. The advertisements do not stop here, along with the advertisments on the Tube and on the bus, they also have use an amazing tactic to target people international . They have translated their all of their books into 70 different languages, one being Chinese. These marketing strategies are what makes the Harry Potter industry so big.  If you ask me, 70 different languages seems like a lot more work than necessarry; however, it clearly works because there was an unbelievable amount of people that come to London to see this Harry Potter experience of a life time.

Close your eyes and think about your favorite movie (it does not have to be Harry Potter), now imagine being able to see every set, costume, prop, animal and object used in that movie. I would freak out! Well.. that’s how most people were at the exhibit today. Now going back to favorite movie, think about the age group it attracts. In my case, my favorite movie White Chicks attracts teens and young adults. What makes Harry Potter so unique is that individuals of all ages from across the globe enjoy this film series. Surprisingly, I saw atleast five groups of elementary school field trips at the exhibit today. This was completley unexpected considering the last Harry Potter movie came out in 2011 when most of these kids were toddlers. It goes to show that this movie has made ground breaking work making it a classic movie.


To conclude, there was not a second that I was unimpressed with the exhibit;from the very first moments the gates opened, I was captivated. Coming from myself (not a huge fan), I’d say that’s pretty impressive. To know that all of the equipment, props, costumes and make up are all from the original movies made the entire experience much more meaningful. The Harry Potter series as well as J.K. Rowling have won many accolades for their tremendous work and after today I now can understand why.


I hope I convinced all you Harry Potter haters to give this exhibit a try!

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